Marine Technlogy

IPI Group, a general-purpose technology platform provider customized a highly visible and powerful technology solution leveraging an API data service to enable supply chain professionals to access next-level visibility and get the most accurate ETA information for their containerized cargo shipments to the destination port.

IPI Group Limited is a qualified technology-driven forensic audit, compliance, and data management company that specializes in offering general-purpose platform services. IPI is desirous of contributing to its quota by proffering viable means of blocking loopholes discovered in the Nigerian Oil & Gas, Shipping, and Maritime Sectors by ensuring that the quantity and price of Oil and Gas, cargos/shipments imports are fully tracked, measured, and accounted for from source ports down to discharge units at the destination ports.

As a matter of fact, for Oil and Gas, we offer a standardized technology solution that integrates all transaction points from discharge at points-deports-pipelines-trucks-filling stations and feedback mechanism through a central dashboard that will be made easily accessible by all stakeholders in the industry.

Aiming to create a seamless experience for all the responsible agencies, we developed and customize this application for usage available within the organization or available online depending on the need of the client. All users on our Marine Logistics, Tracking, Supply-chain Management Solution can now enjoy all the critical information for their tanker/cargo visibility directly on their computers, on the go, or in the office, with just a few clicks needed. Our user-friendly interface allows for easy navigation.

In case you are not familiar with the service yet, our solution provides real-time visibility to logistics service providers, oil shipment tankers, freight forwarders, and cargo owners on the location and status of their containers anywhere in the world, with carrier-independent updates based on the Automatic Identification System (AIS)

More visibility, less friction

Through this service, the logistics and supply chain agencies in Nigeria and Africa can have access to useful features and actionable insights to help with the planning, monitoring, and improvement of their operations, including:

Full container shipment visibility: the best possible real-time information on the status of all seaborne shipments, updated 24/7/365.

Unmatched AIS global coverage fused with Carrier Track & Trace and vessel schedules, providing one reality, a single version of truth.

Real-time ETA predictions to berth, based on the actual shipment position, carrier-independent, considering transshipments and port congestion.

Easy tracking for a specific Bill of Lading (BL), booking reference number, or container number. Follow your shipment, not the vessel.

Detailed actual arrivals/departures.

Shareable shipment tracking view to share with all stakeholders for continuous updates.

Unified and customizable view of all shipments on one page, automatically updated every hour.

With this data at hand, businesses can make more informed decisions about where to allocate resources and respond faster to supply chain disruptions. No more manual, time-consuming checking processes to provide In-Transit visibility, that lead to multiple versions of reality.


Our goal is to ensure that everything we do at IPI, from idea conception, draft, design, implementation and continuous improvement will have Customer Success at the core of our processes