IPI Provides with a command and control center technologies enables optimal decision-making, based on real-time information. Maintaining 24/7 shared situational awareness, collecting information from disparate networks in a secure way, is crucial for that. Distributing information from operations command to the operations centers where it is needed (and vice versa), following industry standards, makes sure that all critical communications are delivered in real-time. IPI Group Leverages on its Crater365 Platform to integrate workflows, pushing information within and beyond the control room in a secure way, you can even reach decision-makers in the field or on the frontline.

The list of requirements for control room software is long and demanding. With Barco CTRL, we provide a solid platform to answer these needs. It gives you full control over the information flow in an easy and intuitive way. Designed by the control room experts.

Uses of the Command-and-Control Center include:

  1. Security Operations Center (SOC)
  2. Transmission Control Center
  3. Network Operations Center
  4. Traffic Management Center
  5. Process Control Center
  6. Emergency Operations Center
  7. Airport Operations Center
  8. Healthcare Operations Center


Our goal is to ensure that everything we do at IPI, from idea conception, draft, design, implementation and continuous improvement will have Customer Success at the core of our processes