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Who We Are

IPI Group Limited pride itself on being a General-Purpose Technology Platform Company. At IPI Group, our core approach to digital transformation strategy focuses on building/integrating technology platforms around core economic units of Land, Water, Air, and Sea. IPI achieves these objectives by providing lower cost and greater access to new technologies redefining what our customers expect, how businesses deliver products and services, and, as a result, how people live and work.
Reviewing the current industry trend, anchored around the third industrial revolution, IPI Group Limited is building competencies around these five cross-industry themes.

Digital Consumer Platforms: Crowwe and Gloomme

Our core development strategy is to transition from offering products and services to creating experiences. We believe modern consumers are looking for specific outcomes that enhance their satisfaction and their lives.
Our platform architecture focuses on hyper-personalization. We understand that our customers are looking to control and customize their products, services, and experiences. IPI Group is always looking to provide more relevant interactive platforms by learning as much as possible about our customers and giving them the best possible outcomes.
Our platforms are designed to transition from ownership to shared access. We realize that our customers are increasingly interested in having access to what they want, when they want it, without the costs associated with maintenance, storage, or downtime. We give this to them through our online, 2/47 cloud-hosted offerings. The result is a growth in collaboration, which improves resource efficiency and unlocks value in underused assets.

Digital Enterprise Build on Crater 365.

Crater 365 looks at how companies can rethink every aspect of their business to succeed in the digital era. We first, review all aspects of the business and make some consulting recommendations that will help our customers align to modern business demands. The main points to consider are:
Which strategy to adopt? Build, buy, partner, invest, or incubate/accelerate or create a new model that doesn’t yet exist and how can Crater 365 development yield the most effective digital business model for the company.
Which operating model to consider? Customer-centric, extra frugal, data-powered, machine-driven, or open and liquid. How can Crater 365 deployment allow businesses to remain quick and agile in the digital economy while best meeting customer needs and expectations.
Which digital talent and skills to look for? From employees to the leadership to the ways of working. How will the Crater 365 customization best prepare the company to compete in a fast-moving, ever-changing digital economy.
How to best use digital metrics? Scale, active usage, and engagement using Crater 365 Analytics Integration to measure and increase digital traction.


Platform Technology: Tucana.NG Hosting

Tucana.NG Hosting Platform focuses on how companies that work with other digitally-enabled companies can achieve the scale, scope, and speed that lead to success in the digital era. The principal ideas are:
How this type of business-to-business collaboration and competition drives the companies hosted in Tucana.NG Platform to transform their organizational structures and business models to find greater value offered by modern Cloud tools.
As a Partner First hosting platform, how the type of interdependent offered by Tucana.NG helps business ecosystems to expand by sharing the rewards among all participating companies. We believe most companies can buy/sell to one another once connected to a given platform. Tucana.NG is designed to bridge the gap between businesses hosted on the platform.
Noting that our society is small business-led, how can both industry and society benefit from Tucana.NG Hosting Platform is when companies work together to create value for customers and offer solutions to problems they could never have tackled alone under the platform.

Tackling The Compliance Implications: IPI Strategy Partners Limited

IPI Strategy Partners is a Data Protection Compliance Organization (DPCO) Certified by the Nigerian Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) to offer complete data protection and privacy audit and compliance service in line with Nigerian Data Protection Regulation (NDPR).
With the adoption of social, mobility, analytics, cloud, and Internet of Things technologies, more and more channels are opened into the digital enterprise, through which data is captured, analyzed, accessed, shared, disclosed – and stolen. This is driving a new impetus to protect data assets and safeguard the privacy of both personal and corporate information

IPI Strategy Partners look at the impact these new digital business and operating models are having on society. The key areas of debate are:

Whether digitization is creating or eliminating jobs.

Whether digitization is adding to or reducing the environmental and social impacts of economic growth.

IPI Group Limited aims towards Unlocking digital value in society

IPI Group Limited assesses quantitatively what impact digitization is having on businesses and on society. Two ideas are especially important:



After careful research, IPI can authoritatively state that the value-at-stake analysis quantifies the value added by new products and services and the value that will move from one area to another due to digitization between 2020 and 2029.

We believe it is equally a measure of the cost to industries, customers, society, and the environment that is at stake if the digital value is not unlocked within the given period.

Our review of the digital value to society (DVS) framework as outlined in several researched papers, quantifies the impact of digitization on health and safety, employment, the environment, and customers over the same period. It includes measures such as lives saved, time saved, and jobs created.

The bottom line is that new technologies have the potential to grow the economy and make society more equal and inclusive. At the same time, limiting regulations and innovation and adopting technology in some parts of the world but not others can all undermine these opportunities. These are the questions all companies—and all individuals—face right now. The digital future is in our hands

Our Values Reflect Our People’s Work Model.

At IPI, we look for people who have a passion for building better businesses and societies. Looking at things differently, with a fresh perspective, is part of our culture and embedded in the way we work. At IPI, we believe that having an in-house team with a wide variety of skill sets, backgrounds and experience is the best way to provide that fresh insight for the best outcome. We work in multi-disciplinary teams, allowing us to develop a unique understanding of industries and business models and to manage the entire business re-engineering process from the project kick-off meeting through to the final delivery of the right outcome. Because IPI strategy is highly transformational, with our broad philosophical mindset of Quality beget Quality, we have a very interventionist and hands-on approach to managing our projects and this is reflected in our team’s diversity and skill base. Our team comes from a wide variety of backgrounds including industry, finance, consultancy, technology infrastructure, software engineering, law, project management, and accountancy.

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