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Team Charter


Our goal is to ensure that everything we do at IPI, from idea conception, draft, design, implementation and continuous improvement will have Customer Success at the core of our processes

– IPI should be and serve as an extension of organizations and businesses that ride on our solutions or make use of our services.

Customer Success

In furtherance to achieving our set goals as an organization we will have Customer Success at the core of everything we do, we must develop a strong bond with our customers by ensuring utmost satisfaction with the services they receive and to improve upon areas of dissatisfaction. Our focus is to serve as extension of our customer’s organization.

Customer Satisfaction

The continued existence of many companies in the market is conditioned with several satisfied customers. Customers are the key factor of the existence and company development; therefore, we need to provide valuable and unique business solutions to our customers, solutions that will satisfy their needs. This satisfaction includes not only the feelings associated with the purchasing process, but also the atmosphere before and after the execution of purchases. If we bring our self-closer for clients, it is easier to fulfil their needs and desires for a long period of time.

Upholding our mutual value

It is very important for both parties i.e, team members and the organization must always uphold our mutual value.
We need to understand who others are and accept who they are. Focusing on how we can grow together should be our goal.
Mutual respect is needed for all of us. This is what makes us human. Having respect for everyone, despite the differences between us.
Upholding our mutual values would also help us build the strength needed to stand up against anything that may hamper the company’s success.
These values can be contagious; if you practice them, many others will also, including our customer.

Our work values


Better Every day

We are lifelong learners, we grow every day.



Putting people first and empowering them.



When we start a thing, we stay focused until we achieved the desired result



We always remain confident in whatever we do Solidarity

Decision making procedures.

Identify the decision
to be made

. Before beginning to gather information and list alternatives, it is important to understand clearly what we are trying to decide so we have a goal on which to focus our discussions.

Brainstorm potential solutions

Using the resources and information collected above, brainstorm for potential solutions to the problem or decision identified in step 1. This will involve collecting as many ideas as possible. At this stage, ideas should not be criticized or evaluated.

Implement the solution

This involves identifying the resources necessary to implement the decision, as well as the potential obstacles, then taking action. Decide: What should be done? How? By whom? when? In what order?

Analyze the issue
l under discussion

Once our goal has been defined (i.e., the decision to be made or the problem to deal with), examine the data and resources that we already have, and identify what additional information we may need.

Evaluate options and select the best one

Once a list of potential solutions has been gathered, we are now ready to evaluate them for the best alternative according to the criteria identified in step 3. Remember that we may be able to combine ideas to create a solution. Ideally, everyone would agree with solution (a consensus), but it's possible that not everyone will. In this case, we will need to use a different decision-making method.

Monitor and evaluate the outcome

. Based on the criteria identified in step 3, evaluate whether the decision was successful. If not, revisit step 4 to evaluate the other options or generate new ones.